hi, this is Mengyi
we don't know each other before
but now we meet
in hundreds of millions, i meet you
like getting hit by lightning
i can predict that i will trust you
but i don't know if you will also start to trust me...
hi, i wonder when you will send a message to me
i tried not to expect, and not to wait
because there is no beeping
but why this silence feels so long and loud to me?
too loud to hear anything else
long enough to make me doubt if i'm connected to the internet
will you think of me at some point?
or are you waiting for me to text you?
hi, it's me
my messages travelled for too long to get to you
is it bacause you are far away from me?
i see. i can never get there
even our time will never align with each other
when you see the sun rise, my moon is glowing in the dark sky
i wish i can see what you see
and i never feel so blind
hi, have you got the photos I just sent?
i almost forget how far we are, when i see these photos from the tiny screen
isn't this amazing? we actually share the same sky
just like those clouds i'm floating and gathering, and raining...
hi, do you remember that song?
every time i hear the song, i think of you
it's like a trigger, or a sign
and i've played it in my mind thousands of times
not just the songs, but also those movies we've watched together
when we can be synchronized for 2 hours
in every story, you are the lead, all the others are me
hmmm, i'm not sure what you meant... but you look happy today
you know what? i think you deserve every beautiful thing
you will never be afraid, and never know what sorrow feels like
i wish you know what i meant
just like i wish i could understand every message you send
but at least i can feel that you trust me
and you know i always trust you
and i meant i love you